Welcome to BOINK! game.

The goal of the game is to "boink" as many white balls/circles/shapes as possible in given click limit. Your ball will move toward the place you click at the screen.

You start with 50 clicks available.

Every 10 "boinks" you'll receive an extra 2 clicks.

If you manage to chain 3+ "boinks", you'll receive an extra click.

You'll receive an extra click on each level start.

From time to time, a medic ball (green ball with white cross) will spawn and be visible for 2 seconds - if you manage to "boink" it on time, you're gonna receive 3 extra clicks.

Side note:

This is my very first game, made in Construct3. Feel free to share your thoughts & bugs ;)

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Tagscircles, construct-3, Minimalist, Point & Click, shapes

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this was a fun game !! it  was simple but it is kinda addicting haha xD not many bugs that i encountered, but i noticed sometimes after i destroyed an object and it was blinking, i could still collide with it but it only happened sometimes so it wasn't too catastrophic lol. really cool, especially for your first game :D


I see many people complain about this - but that was made on purpose! :D Especially when you boink on the ball and green ball will show up behind it so it makes you more stressed to quickly get somewhere there :) But sure, I think I'll remove this "feature" :)


oh i didnt know it was like that on purpose haha xD and also it does do a good job of making me stressed a bit, so ignore my third sentence of my comment :)


haha already made a fix, but will release it alongside with "best score" feature that will be saved locally in the browser (I hope, as it's still buggy and I'm running out of ideas how to solve it :D )


ooo excited for the best score feature! cant wait!


It's live now! Game has been updated - enjoy! :)