KEYBOARD REQUIRED (which means it's PC only, no mobile)

Become a real tank driver just now! 

Game features:

- randomize level layout on each try (thanks to my very own Ex Machina AI Ra(n)dom Engine 😎

- control your tank thanks to most realistic physics available on (my) market!

- beat your high-score in this fast-paced, addictive simulator ! (lol)


WASD - move tank

I / O - move turret

P - make BOOM!



"Pew" sound:

"Boom" sound:

More info at:


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nice concept! great sound effects as well :o I think the progress you have made so far is great, can't wait to see whats next! some things I've found difficult are that the movement is a little too slidey so it is difficult to control, and along with that the IO keys are a bit confusing as to which way is which sometimes, so it makes it difficult to move smoothly, if that makes sense :D


thanks for the comment! I've already did a new version which will be released today with lots of changes - also regarding steering ;)


ill be sure to check out the new version then!


It's live now! :D


ooo say no more!


just checked out the new update, the map randomization is looking great! love the diversity in the maps, and not to mention the music is sick! also, great that the enemy attacks our player now, it's a lot more immersive! i see the movement has improved a lot, its a lot easier to move around now! only thing is, I always end up getting killed by the enemy too fast because I can never position my turret in time, it's difficult to manage with the keys for the wasd, io, and p being separate from each other. would be possible to change the keybinds from IO to something else? I believe that could maybe resolve the issue of going to fast or too slow and it being to slidey to position. Anyway, great work as always, looking forward to playing more of this game!