You're a cat.

On a broom.

That can flight.

Collect as many milk bottles as possible until Halloween monsters gets you!

Game mechanics:

You can go past left-right side of the screen and you'll appear on the other side.

You can't pass the ceiling.

If you fall, you'll take damage.

Each jump you take damage, but it can't kill you.

Milk bottles recharges your health.

Halloween pumpkins will constantly chase you.

Development log


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Fun game! the art looks great, and I love the concept! creative environment, it stood out to me that the moon would change shape as time went on, very small but interesting detail! one thing I could suggest is maybe a "day" system, where the moon works as a sort of timer so that you can see how many days you can get through, like stages! anyways, my best was 28 haha, didn't get very far did I? XD