A game inspired by "Into the Breach" title that sucked me in for a long hours of play.

Current version contains 1 level with 2 mech teams that can battle with each other.

There's no end of the game implemented yet - player will win when the other team won't have any more mechs to control.

Tutorial/introduction video:

Future development plans (in that particular order):

- add destructible elements (e.g. buildings and bridges),

- add interactions with forests (can be set up on fire which will cause damage on every turn or subtract 1 AP - tbd),

- add spawn animations for new incoming units,

- implement AI so players can battle with computer,

- skirmish mode, where player can form own team and battle against each other or AI,

- add more maps,

- level editor,

- music & sfx!

- single player campaign,

- TBD: maybe add artillery attack as a "one time usage per battle" item?

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